It's No Spoiler to Say that Good Dental Habits in Youth can Lead to a Lifetime of Bright Smiles, says Dr. Bostani's Advanced Dental

BURBANK, Calif., Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A November 15 article on MSN reported on Frozen and The Good Place star Kristen Bell's lighthearted threat to her children that their teeth would fall out should they reveal Frozen 2 spoilers at school before the movie's release. The acclaimed young mother of two, noted for her wicked sense of humor, stands by the warning, claiming the children have as of yet not spoiled one of 2019's most anticipated movies, avoiding a possible Disney lawsuit. Burbank-based dental center Dr. Bostani's Advanced Dental says that, no matter what a parent might say, movie-star's children do not actually have to worry about leaked storylines leading to missing teeth. On the other hand, it's not a spoiler to say that poor dental hygiene is a surefire path to very real tooth loss as children mature into adulthood and beyond.

Dr. Bostani's Advanced Dental says that parents would do well to teach proper dental hygiene habits to their young children as starting early helps to build lifelong habits that minimize the chances of developing adverse oral conditions such as gum disease or discolored teeth later in life. The dental center adds that parents who are unsure of what constitutes proper brushing and flossing techniques are encouraged to talk to their dentist, but the general rules include brushing teeth for approximately two minutes about 15 to 30 minutes after every meal. The center adds that flossing is also essential in cleaning out areas that are either difficult to reach or inaccessible to a toothbrush and rinsing with an alcohol-free mouthwash may also be a good idea.

The dental center notes that prevention is, of course, the goal, but even patients who diligently stick to their dental routine can still come down with various dental ailments. This is why regular dental exams and cleanings are an essential part of a good oral health regimen, says Dr. Bostani's Advanced Dental. When bad things happen for any reason, however, the dental center says that Dr. Payam Bostani and his team are ready to offer the best in skilled and compassionate care at his Burbank office for patients of all ages.

The dental center explains that grown-up patients whose basic oral health may be sound but who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth are also in luck, as advances in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening can transform a smile. In short, the center notes that whether patients are looking to treat an issue or avoid one, today's dentists offer a range of options.

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SOURCE Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental

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