Tisha's Choices Launches New Products For Upcoming Cold & Flu Season

Vancouver, Washington based company, Tisha's Choices, has announced a new line of products just in time for the upcoming cold and flu season. The company states that with the flu virus gaining momentum each year and new strains being much more difficult to overcome, they felt that products designed to prevent the spread of germs would be the best defense.

Jillian Gregg, spokesperson for Tisha's Choices says, "Colds and flu are most often passed through atomized breath such as a cough or sneeze. We may not realize how far those germs travel, especially in close environments such as the workplace, on planes, and in public restaurants. However, they make a huge impact on us and if our systems are too weak to fight them off, we get sick."

Gregg says that their products, which are available on Amazon, can be used to ward off the spread of germs, ultimately eliminating the risk of contracting the flu or common cold from others, even when those others are in close contact with each other. "It's about prevention more than cure," she states. "You want to protect yourself and your family and the best way to go about that is to avoid spreading the germs to begin with."

The company's My Bio Defense is a sanitizing wand that eliminates germs by killing them with UV Light, the same type of light used in many hospitals. Gregg says that it offers an effective way to prevent the spread of germs, while also protecting the user from chemicals that are often found in sanitizing gels and sprays. The wand can be used to kill germs on mobile devices, toys, shopping cart handles, and anywhere else the spread of germs may occur.

Gregg explains that it provides effective germ elimination and is scientifically proven technology that costs a fraction of what consumers would pay to visit the doctor if they catch cold or flu. Those interested can learn more about the wand on the company's Amazon seller's page. Vollum states that an insight to symptoms of the flu and when to contact a doctor can be seen on the Flu Symptoms PDF.


Contact Tisha's Choices:

Tisha Vollum
PO Box 1539 Vancouver Washington 98668


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